Pet Spay and Neuter Surgery in Kronenwetter, WI

Spay & Neuter

Pet Spay and Neuter Surgery in Kronenwetter, WI

When you have your female pet spayed and your male pet neutered, you give them many medical and behavioral benefits. The call of the wild can be strong for cats and dogs when they forego this surgery. They may roam far and wide to find a mate and this makes them more vulnerable to becoming lost or injured. At Kronenwetter Veterinary Care, we care about pets and we’ll closely advise you on when to get your breed and type of pet spayed or neutered. We serve Kronenwetter and surrounding areas with comprehensive care for this important surgery. Make an Appointment

Deciding on Pet Spay and Neuter Surgery

Spay and neuter surgery gives cats and dogs many valuable benefits. Some of these benefits are dependent on when you get your companion spayed or neutered. We encourage our patients to schedule a wellness exam to talk about pet spay and neuter surgery. Larger dogs should wait to undergo sterilization until after their first year of age to reduce complications. Certain breeds have been found to be susceptible to certain cancers and hip problems when they’re spayed or neutered. We’ll carefully discuss your pet’s lifestyle and the benefits and drawbacks of spay and neuter surgery for your companion animal. Please remember intact animals require more care.

The Benefits

If we decide spay and neuter surgery is best for your pet, they receive some important benefits. The chances of males and females developing certain cancers are markedly reduced. You’ll also receive some nice behavioral perks.

The benefits of pet spay and neuter surgery include:

  • The chances of males developing testicular cancer are eliminated.
  • The incidence of prostate disease is reduced in males.
  • The incidence of ovarian and uterine cancer is reduced in females.
  • The incidence of breast tumors is reduced in females, which are oftentimes malignant.
  • Urine spraying and marking behavior is reduced in males and females.
  • Roaming behavior is reduced in males and females.

We’ll take good care of your pet at Kronenwetter Veterinary Clinic! We closely monitor pets during any surgery. Our state-of-the-art equipment and skilled veterinary team ensures this.

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