Acupuncture is a 3000-year-old Chinese practice utilizing hair-thin needles to stimulate the body’s nerve centers, improve blood circulation, and release pain-relieving hormones. This virtually painless process relaxes muscle tissue and oxygenates the surrounding area, allowing the body to heal more rapidly.


Acupuncture is one of the safest veterinary treatments available for your pet. It requires no pharmaceutical assistance, removing the possibility of overdose and adverse reaction can be used in conjunction with most other traditional and alternative treatments.

When We Recommend It

Acupuncture can help treat a wide range of medical issues, including:

  • Digestive ailments, including inflammation and motility problems
  • Musculoskeletal complaints, including knee pain, osteoarthritis, tendinitis, back pain, neck pain, and much more
  • Neurologic problems such as peripheral neuropathy, sciatica, spinal cord injury, disk disease, and nerve-based pain problem
  • Respiratory issues, such as allergies, sinusitis, and recurrent infections

How Does Acupuncture Work?

Your pet’s veterinarian will insert thin, sterile needs into specific points on your pet’s body where nerve and blood vessels converge. The inserted needles guide energy, or “chi,” through your pet’s body and enhance blood circulation. They also stimulate the nervous system, helping to increase pain relief and reduce inflammation.