Nutrition Consultations

Why consider a custom nutrition consultation for your pet?

In the past 10 years, the pet food industry has become a huge market. Just as in human nutrition, animal nutrition has a sea of science based studies and professional opinions. Not to mention the amateur opinions from folks online or in your local dog park. Considering the many opinions and brand options to identify the best products for our pets can be very difficult, and often unclear.

“Nutrition affects absolutely every aspect of our pet’s life! My goal is to educate clients and help them feel empowered when it comes to caring for their pets.” – Mariah Hiendl, CVT

Consultations with our Certified Veterinary Technician, Mariah can be as simple as guidance on how to better understand the feeding recommendation on your pet’s food bag, or as comprehensive as creating a tailored nutrition plan for your pet. She can provide professional nutritional guidance for specific disease processes, weight loss journeys, specific breeds or age ranges, or on homemade and non-traditional diets.

While Mariah can not diagnose or prescribe prescription diets, she will work directly with the Veterinarians at KVC, providing a TEAM in your pet’s nutrition journey.

About Mariah Heindl CVT, Nutrition Consultant

Mariah graduated from the Veterinary Technology program at Globe University in 2013 and completed the Veterinary Technician National Exam in 2014. She has experience practicing in both emergency medicine and small animal general practice.

From the start of her career, Mariah was particularly excited by surgery and anesthesia, but when her beloved boxer began experiencing some health changes, she dove into the world of pet nutrition. She dedicated hours to finding answers for him. In doing so, she found a new passion in small animal nutrition!

Mariah has continued her education, focusing on small animal nutrition. She is prepared and motivated to help guide our clients along their pet’s dietary journey through individual, customized nutrition consultations!

If you are interested in a nutrition consultation with our Certified Veterinary Technician Mariah, please complete our nutrition questionnaire here and call us (715) 693-4560 to schedule your pet’s consultation. We ask that you submit the questionnnaire at least 48 hours prior to your pets consultation appointment to allow for thorough review.