pet euthanasia in Kronenwetter, WI


Our pets give us unconditional love, joy, companionship and silent support when we need it. They ask little in return. Our companions deserve to be honored with love and compassion through all stages of their lives, including their later days. When a pet can no longer be kept comfortable, pet euthanasia in Kronenwetter, WI is one of the kindest options. Our veterinarians help guide owners in this emotional decision by evaluating your pet’s physical condition and quality of life. If an owner determines that cat or dog euthanasia is the right choice for their pet, our doctors will perform the procedure with compassion so your pet may transition with love and dignity.

Pet Euthanasia in Kronenwetter, WI

The choice to be present for administration of cat or dog euthanasia is personal and varies from one pet owner to another. Many people feel it is important to be with their pet through their final moments, and others cannot bear witness to their pet’s passing. Some owners may choose to wait until after the euthanasia to say a final goodbye to their pet in private. We support whatever decision a pet owner chooses.

What To Expect

Before the procedure, the veterinarian will explain the process and answer any questions you may have. In many cases, all necessary paperwork, aftercare arrangements and payments can be handled ahead of time to minimize stress during this difficult time.

In order to administer the solution, the veterinarian must gain entry into the pet’s vein. Your pet may be taken back to our treatment area to have an IV (intravenous) catheter placed. Placement of an IV catheter allows the veterinarian to administer the euthanasia solution more efficiently and ensures the process is as smooth as possible for you and your pet. In many cases, pets will receive an injection of sedative and pain reliever so they are calm and comfortable. Once an owner is ready, the veterinarian will administer the euthanasia solution. Within a few seconds after the solution is injected, your pet will peacefully fall into a deep eternal sleep. The veterinarian will listen to your pet’s heart and confirm that he/she has passed. At this time, the veterinarian and/or veterinary assistant may leave the room to allow owners a final goodbye in private. Some pet owners prefer to stay with their deceased pet for a time, while others may immediately leave the clinic. The grieving process is different for everyone and each is respected just the same.


Because saying goodbye is so difficult, we recommend having pet aftercare plans in Kronenwetter, WI arranged prior to your visit for euthanasia if possible. There are three options for aftercare of your pet’s remains.

We offer two cremation services. The first is communal, or group, cremation in which case your pet is cremated with other pets, therefore no ashes are returned to the owner. The second is individual, or private, cremation in which case your pet is cremated alone and your pet’s ashes will be returned to our clinic for you to pick up at your convenience. If you elect either cremation option, we can arrange for transport of your pet’s remains to Peaceful Pines Pet Memorials. Or if you prefer, you may transport your pet’s remains to Peaceful Pines, or another crematorium of your choosing. Peaceful Pines also offers a selection of urns and other memorial items that may be purchased through our clinic.

Another option for aftercare is burial, either at home (check local ordinances) or a pet memorial park. If you elect to take your pet home for burial, we can assist in preparing your pet’s remains for transport. If you elect burial at a pet memorial park, such as Peaceful Pines Pet Memorials, we can assist in the necessary arrangements for transport to their facility.

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