Pet Memorial

Celebrate Your Pet’s Life with an Online Pet Memorial

Losing an animal companion is a difficult part of being a pet parent. The devotion they give you throughout their life makes for precious memories that will always endear them to you. At Kronenwetter Veterinary Care, the human-animal bond is something we cherish. Keeping your pet’s memory alive with a pet memorial is one of the best ways to cope with their loss.

For your pet’s memorial, you can include a photo, a short story, or whatever words come from the heart. Please submit your information in the form and follow the steps provided. Should you have any questions, please contact us today.

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Oh Adam, words enough can not express the joy you brought to your family.  You were smart as a whip and never let anything get in your way.  No one ever believed us when we said you were blind, because you never let anything slow you down.  We will forever miss your little noises and pillow stealing antics.


My sweet Grumpy old man.  The bathroom is a little lonely with out your consistent supervision.   You always made sure everyone was accounted for and safe.  The love for your family and brother Adam was unmeasurable.  You will forever have a place in our hearts.


You left us almost 6 years ago. Still feels like yesterday. You were such a good boy. You are forever in my heart. ❤️


He may have been a handful, but he was our boy. We miss him very much.


You were such a loyal and loving companion for almost 11 years.You really showed the true spirit of the pitbull breed with all of happiness and love you’ve given. You will be truly missed and there will be no other dog like you. You were our happiest hello and our hardest goodbye. May your heaven be full of all the couches you can lay on, and all the treats you can eat.


My sweet Buddah, my big man. You were such a gentle soul & won over everyone you met. You never let me out of your sight; you were my constant shadow. I know that no matter where life takes me now, you will still follow. Thank you for many years of wonderful memories.

Chance Leroy

Chance Leroy you were the dog of my lifetime. You loved to hike, fetch and were the smartest dog I ever met. The best moments of my life were spent with you. We had you for 14 years; and I never thought I could let you go. Dr Chris told me I’d would know when the right time was to help you to the Rainbow Bridge. One day I knew I had to think of you more than myself…(it was my mother’s birthday by coincidence. I found the strength from somewhere. Dr. Chris came to our home and was so calm and caring (as usual). My daughter carried you to your favorite spot in the yard and I held you in my arms and sang to you while you passed. You got a big fat grilled steak before Dr. Chris came. I miss you so and know you are up there running and swimming and playing in the snow…all the things you couldn’t do your last few months. I feel you with me many times and feel stronger then…like I can handle anything if I could let you go. I know I will be with you again my baby boy….♥️♥️♥️


Charlie was an amazing pup. He loved his little human brother and sister so very much. He loved snuggling with mom and dad and even his furry cat sister Sadie. Charlie’s personality was a goofball, he will be missed so deeply by us all. Rest easy buddy, we miss you so much already.


Our beloved Dylan was more than a pet, he was family. He was loved so much by us. We only got 10 years with you but we are grateful that we got to share them with you. It was hard for us to let you go but we know we will see you again someday.

Emma Rose

Dearest Emma, you had the honor of being our first dog. You taught us much and it seems like we didn’t get enough time with you. Thirteen years may seem long to most but for us, the time passed too fast. You were everything to us. Our companion, best friend, watch dog, and comedienne. Most of all, you were family to us & you were a lifeline at times for Momma. We miss you so much but we know we will meet again.


Although we only had you for a short time, our love will last a lifetime. We miss you so much. Love you Gracie❤️

Harleigh June

Lost puppy mill rescue Harleigh June at age 9 1/2 on March 9, 2020 from congestive heart failure.. will never forget this little stinker… she touched so many lives .. special thanks to Dr Lisa, Dr Nikki and Dr Chris for the many vet visits in her short 4 1/2 years with us..When I see a beautiful rainbow in the sky, I wave at her❤️


We will always miss you Jet. You were the most loyal dog, the most protective dog, the dog who saved my life more than once, and the dog who raised all our puppies and taught them well. We will hold you in our hearts forever.


Dr. Chris was kind enough to see this sweetie on her last day with us on earth.  We appreciate the KVC seeing her as an emergency case.


You were my first daughter and my first loss.  I will never forget your loyalty.  You were a bright spot in many dark days.  Thank you for always being there for me.  I love you and think of you every day.  See you soon!


She was everything. She is deeply missed. AKC – Best Girl Ever!


Max you were the happiest, most loving dog we’ve ever known. You had a long and wonderful life with people who loved you dearly. Thanks for bringing such joy into our lives. We still miss you and carry you in our hearts every day.

Maynard, Mo, Bear

I never would have thought that I could fall in love with big ears and beady little eyes.  You three were no bigger than peach pits when we brought you home, and you still never grew into your ears.  Your  personalities were just as different as you fur color.   Maynard: such a stoic boy, Bear: your endless love for food and Mo: with your tender tender heart and gentle kisses always brought a smile to my face.


I miss you every day. Still cry tears when I think about you but smile at the same time. Oh the memories I have and will cherish forever! You will forever be in my heart ❤️


Pepper was part of our family for 18 years. We miss him terribly. Thank you for the many years of wonderful care for him.

Ruger, Sasquatch, Topper & Piggy

Brady and I sure miss these 3 awesome critters God shared with us. Topper the Crazy Bird who was the boss of Sasquatch the 1 yr old baby girl Kitty and Piggy, as we miss your squeaks. Ruger, you were my first son before Brady came along, and there isn’t a day that I don’t think of you and a tear still falls from my eyes. From protecting me growling behind a door as you were scared but sounded so tough, to playing football with Brady and I in the yard, we will never forget you my boy. Until we meet again, We LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU ALL. Please keep watching over your Little Boy as he is now 17.

Sasha Marie

You took a piece of my heart when you left. You didn’t have the great life before our family but I’m so glad we were able to give you 5 wonderful loved years. It has been 2 years, it never gets easier. I miss you everyday. The wonderful staff at KVC did everything to make you comfortable and your journey easier.


Our hearts are heavy this morning  with sadness as we had to leave our precious little boy Snickers go onto a more peaceful place yesterday. He spent 17 1/2 years on this Earth and was tired out. We will miss him terribly. He was such a sweet little guy and such a joy to have in our lives. We love you so much Snicky boy and will never, ever forget you.

️ With broken hearts Mom and Dad❤