Payment Options to Better Care for Your Pet

At Kronenwetter Veterinary Care, we work hard to provide quality health care for your pet. We understand how medical issues in our patients can take our clients by surprise. Since we care deeply for pets, we encourage pet owners to address medical issues right away. While we require full payment at the time of service, we also offer payment plans through and financing through care credit.

Our veterinary payment options include:


Receiving Needed Treatment with Care Credit

Please visit to apply for simple financing to keep your pet well even in unexpected circumstances. If your pet needs emergency surgery or access to routine healthcare, you can rest easy knowing Kronenwetter Veterinary Care accepts this handy form of payment. When you apply for financing through Care Credit, you’ll have quick, easy access to meet many of your medical needs, including your pet’s. You’ll also have it available for things like spay or neuter or vaccinations.

payment options in kronenwetter, wi

Paying Easier with

Kronenwetter Veterinary Care is now offering Scratchpay! Click here to find your payment plan!

Scratchpay isn’t a credit card & checking your plan option will not affect your credit score. Scratchpay has the highest approval rates, and there are no hidden fees, prepayment penalties or deferred interest.

How it works

  1. Apply for a payment plan from your computer, tablet or smart phone
  2. Check your rate and pick the payment plan that fits your budget
  3. Get the care your pet needs

Payment plan options (borrowers can use a bank account, debit card or credit card to make plan payments)

  • Take 5: down payment at initial appointment, then 4 bi-weekly payments, 0% apr
  • Take A Year: 12 payments, monthly, variable % apr
  • Take Two Years: 24 payments, monthly, variable % apr


Please call us at (715) 693-4560 to discuss which payment option is right for you. We’re more than happy to help!